David from iSPECT Building Inspections Hobart TAS strongly recommends adding a pest inspection to a building inspection.

David from iSPECT Building Inspections Hobart TAS is an experienced builder and licenced pest inspector who conducts daily building and pest inspections of apartments, units, homes, townhouses and commercial properties across Hobart TAS and Regional Tasmania.

David will complete a building and pest inspection to identify property defects and signs of pest or termite activity. David will then grade the severity of each defect and alert you to the existence of or condition conducive to pest or termite activity. You will then receive a report detailing each defect, or existence of pest or termite activity that includes high resolution colour photographs.

The building and pest inspection duration is between 1-2 hours depending on the size of the property.

David is a franchise owner operator and has extensive building industry experience and is a licenced pest inspector. You can view David of iSPECT Building Inspections Hobar by clicking here.

Each building (and pest) inspection report completed by David is completed in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349. 1-2007 and Tasmania building act

Hobar Building & Pest Inspection Report Summary

David will conduct a building and pest inspection report digitally and will then release the report via email in PDF format.

When booking the inspection, please discuss with David from iSPECT Building Inspections Hobart TAS how quickly you need the report. David will ensure you have the report within 24 hours of the inspection. But, if you need it sooner this can be arranged.

The building and pest inspection report comprises a visual building inspection to accessible areas of the property to determine the structural integrity and to identify any major structural defects, including:

  • Interior and exterior of the building
  • Roof space
  • Garage, carport and garden shed
  • Separate laundry or toilet
  • Small retaining walls (i.e., non-structural)
  • Steps, fencing, paths and driveways
  • Roof exterior (subject to health and safety regulations)
  • Under-floor space

The addition of the pest report, being completed at the same time, is highly recommended and David will test for pests, termites and boorer activity.

iSPECT Building Inspections Hobart TAS recommended you are present during the inspection to make it easier for David to communicate with you their findings and show you any points of concern. It will also give you an opportunity to request David to pay extra attention to any items or areas on the site that you are concerned about.

Sample Report

You can download a Building (and pest) Inspection sample report from the link below.

* Raw photos of your inspection with embedded Geotag and date/time are also available with the report ON DEMAND

How to Book a Building and Pest Inspection

iSPECT building inspectors liaise with agents, vendors, and property managers for access to a property to complete the inspection.
We will ask you for the property address, the type of inspection you would like and ask if there are any concerns you have about the property, specific to potential property defects.
To book an inspection please contact us on

Telephone: 1300 477 328
SMS: 0428 273 563
Email: info@ispect.com.au
Book Online: Click here

Building Inspection Cost

Combined Building and Pest Inspection Cost